This Week // 34

Pumpkins and Polka Dots

There are currently just not enough hours in the day, and that’s all there is to it. But! Only beautiful things are happening and so I am deciding to just let myself be grateful for being in a really busy and full season. We celebrated Ryan’s 30th birthday this week, and I’m so glad he’s an old man now! It got me thinking how it really is wonderful to celebrate the birthday of someone you love. Birthdays start getting passed over and smushed down as we get older because, ya know, they happen every year whether we want them to or not. But it’s an occasion that should be celebrated, so we did (in our own, very low key way). Keep an eye out for the sordid tale of the cake that I baked him. It’s intense.

Read on for some fun weekend links! Hope you lovelies have a gorgeous weekend. xoxo

This Week’s Faves

Love this take on Makers vs. Markers.
And this. What if we all started lifting each other up instead of putting chinks in each others’ armor?
On a less serious note, am I too old to carry a cat backpack?
Why did I not think of these?!
DIY wall sconces that I can’t stop thinking about.

More Lovely

We’re already practicing being good neighbors in our new hood.
I need these apps like woah. Already feeling the difference between keeping a small apartment and a large house clean.
10 things that feel impossible when you’re majorly pregnant.
Didja catch Lovely Indeed featured on Better Homes & Gardens?
And on Buzzfeed (#35)!

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