This Week // 31

This Week

What even happened this week?! I seriously have no idea. I think it was a blur of work and then more work. Time flies when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone, huh?

This weekend we’re heading to a wedding of a couple of dear friends from our NYC days! I love going to weddings, don’t you? (Although I have to admit, I had a moment when I was trying to find something to wear. Dressing a bump for a wedding in the sweltering summer heat takes serious thinking. In the end I opted for maximum comfort.) I’m so excited to celebrate love and eat cake and cut a rug on the dance floor. Wait. Maybe I’m just assuming that everyone loves going to weddings as much as I do. For reals, how do you feel about it? Especially after our own wedding, where I was so joyful and grateful to have all the people we loved gathered together, I really appreciate being invited and being able to be there for the happy couple. But I digress!

What are you up to this weekend? Kick it off with a few fun links, and have a good one! xoxo

This Week’s Faves

My new favorite song and new favorite video! ‘Cause every inch of you is perfect, from the bottom to the top.
Deerings! Get it? (And they’re super affordable!)
Also, someone get me this sweater, stat.
This recipe makes me want it to be fall right now.
Pop rocks popcorn!

More Lovely

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