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A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Lovely and I headed downtown to Gallery Hanahou for the opening of A Thousand Ships — an exhibit of watercolor works by the endlessly talented Samantha Hahn.  I stumbled on Samantha’s blog last year and was immediately hooked.  Her watercolor illustrations are what I would make my dreams look like nightly (if I could choose), and her blog is still one of my daily stops for inspiration!

In any case, I know that sometimes you hear “watercolor” and immediately think of those Crayola sets with little plastic brushes.  But somehow, Samantha takes it to an entirely different level — her pieces are absolutely chic, dreamy, and so creative it’ll blow your mind.  Actually, it’ll probably make you want to go out and buy some watercolors.  I say do it.

If you love these as much as I do and want to paper your whole house with them, check out the catalog from the show and one of these beauties could find its way to your home.  Also, go to Samantha’s blog to find out how you can get 10% off  if you decide you simply can’t live without one.  I personally am not going to last much longer unless I have one of these that I can stare at every day.  xoxo

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