Vintage Arrows



Hey gang! Just wanted to let you guys in on a recent find that I’m loving. I stumbled on the Gallivanting Girls Etsy shop a few weeks back when I was looking for some vintage arrows to use as a gift topper. Their shop was stocked with so many cool, unique bits and pieces that I sort of went down the rabbit hole a bit and took a look at everything. (I also love the way they style their pieces!) I snapped up a handful of these vintage arrows, used a couple on the gift that I was giving to a sweet bride and groom, and the rest are in our home, waiting to be used for something cool. In the meantime, they make pretty rad decorations!

If you have a chance, check out the shop — I think you’ll like it. Not a sponsored post, by the way. Just a brand that I think is doing some really awesome things. Have a great day! xoxo

arrows2 arrows3 arrows4 arrows6

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