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video diy: twine plant hangers

It’s here, it’s here! Lovely Indeed’s first video DIY. Those few of you who are super hardcore may remember back in the day a few icky attempts at video tutorials. Well, suffice it to say I’ve learned heaps since then, and they’re just gonna get better. Big thanks to Bri and Angela at Video Blogshop for dropping all kinds of video editing knowledge on me. And now, let’s DIY!

Or, for y’all who like to read:

  • Cut four lengths of twine 72 inches each.
  • Fold them all in half together and knot the closed end.
  • Make pairs and knot each pair 15 inches from the large knot.
  • Take one piece from each pair and knot those together at five inches from the last knot.
  • Once the inside pairs are done, knot the two outside strands.
  • Tie one final knot with all strands about two inches below the last knots.
  • Carefully set your plant in the hanger and enjoy!

Hope you liked the first video! Many more to come, hopefully each one cooler than the last. Also keep an eye out next week for the skinny on how to make those gold and white flower pots!  xoxo

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38 thoughts on “video diy: twine plant hangers

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  5. This is fantastic! I have made about 10 of these now, adjusting the lengths between knots based on how long I want it overall and the size of the pot.
    I made a few to hang around a fence post.; instead of tying a loop at the very start in the center, I left that unknotted and just placed it over the top of the fence post.
    I also hung a few off a wooden pallet I am leaning against my fence to make a sort of vertical garden. For that I also skipped the first knot at the center, and when attaching to one of the slats on the wooden board, I pulled the center part through underneath the slat, up around the back, and back over the top of the slat. Then pulled the rest of the twine bits through that loop it creates.
    Probably a terrible description, but the point is this method is easily modified to hang from different things! And it looks so cute. Thanks for this!

  6. I just came across this. I wanted some macrame hanging plant holders for some of my little white ikea pots, but really wanted them right now! I needed instant gratification, but I am working from my computer at home so couldn’t leave the house. I stumbled upon this tutorial and within minutes I was able to make one with twine I already head. INSTANT GRATIFICATION INDEED!

    Thank you! They are so cute and am going to make a few more.

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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