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Two of our best buddies, Jackie and Codey, turned up at the apartment recently with some adorable little trinkets from the home department at Urban Outfitters.   Do they know us well, or what?

The little birdies have screws on the back that go right into the wall so they become little hooks.  And the key is a secret bottle opener!  Too cute.  The card said “Two love birds and a key to your heart.”  I mean, come on!

Anyway, after I stopped daydreaming about where to put the birdies, I decided to hop online and see what other awesome things I could ogle on the Urban Outfitters website.  Here are a few of my new faves.

1.  They have a pretty killer assortment of funky cameras — this one’s the Lomography Diana + Parisian Camera.   2.  Telling it like it is:  the York Trash Bucket.  3.  Who doesn’t need a Living Gnome Container to hold all of their trinkets?  4.  Waterfall Ruffle Duvet — just like my shower curtain!  5.  Been dying for one of these Marquee Alphabet Lights lately.  6.  Have you seen the new Fuji Instax Mini?  New generation of instant cameras.  Too cool for school.  7.  We’re considering this Faux Chandelier in our kitchen (especially since I just dropped and shattered the current light fixture).  8.  I’ve always secretly wanted a Dress Form to have around the house.

Pretty fun, no?  Can’t wait to figure out where our birdies are going to live.  Thanks, Jackie and Codey!  xoxo

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