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Two Years Ago



Two years ago today, I woke up without any butterflies in my stomach. I wasn’t nervous or stressed or anything but just happy. That’s how I remember that day.

I remember not caring if my hair was out of place, or if photos took a little longer than anticipated, or if I didn’t finish my glass of champagne. I remember sitting with Mr. Lovely in the church while a choir of our friends sang to us. I remember being ushered around here and there because we were just in a fog of happy. I remember driving from the church to the reception in my dad’s ’57 Chevy, just me and my new husband, and people honking and yelling congrats through their rolled-down windows. I remember the last dance of the evening, to The Boy I’m Gonna Marry, looking around on the dance floor and seeing all of the people that we love, just having so much fun. I remember it all so clearly, and I hope I do forever.

I love you honey, and I know we’re only on year two, but I don’t know how it could possibly get any better. xoxo



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15 thoughts on “Two Years Ago

  1. Your dress is so adorable! I’m glad you guys are getting the chance to celebrate two years together, and thank you for sharing moments from your special day!


  2. Just reading your words makes my heart flutter.. I love how you describe your love to your handsome hubby.. 😀 It makes me want to marry my man! How long were you a couple before you decided to get married? How did he propose?

    1. We dated for two years before he proposed, and then we were engaged for another year. I loved being engaged. 🙂 And he asked me in my hometown, just the two of us, in my favorite park.

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