Two Quick Things


Hey hey, it’s Friday! And so to let you get on with your Fridaying, I just have two things to say. Thing one: I have decided that a fall color palette doesn’t have to be all oranges and yellows and browns. I accidentally pinned all of these pinks and corals and neturals and navies on my Pinterest boards, and I hereby decide that it’s my go-to fall color situation this year.

fall color palette

Watercolor. Stairs. Recipe. Camping. Quote. Cake. Rocks.

Thing two: thank you. I don’t know if you’ve felt it here on the ol’ blog, but I certainly have — I’m a little scattered lately. With baby brewing and the big move, I feel like I can hardly keep track of everything. But all of your words of support and kindness about the new house and the little guy are so appreciated, along with the fact that you just come back to read each day. I truly make an effort to share things here that mean something special to me, and I hope you feel that. So thank you for being rad and just being. And hey — have a great weekend! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Two Quick Things”

  1. I love your idea of bringing pinks, corals, and neutrals into the fall color pallet! I love fall colors but I also love these colors so why not find a way to bring them together?

    Besides, I think with the right tones of these colors they could go beautifully together!

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