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Travel // Planning for Tulum

Planning for Tulum

Ahhhhh you guys! Our anniversary trip to Tulum is coming up and I haven’t been this excited about a trip in a good long while. True to fashion, I’ve been researching and planning and making lists of the spots that I want to see and things I want us to do while we’re there. I teamed up with the gang at to do a little research while prepping for our trip and I’ve been down the most beautiful rabbit hole of beaches and ruins and jungles. I mean, this place looks like a tropical wonderland and I just. can’t. wait.

We’re taking the little dude with us so I’ve been looking at things to do that are family and baby friendly, and I’m so pumped to explore a new place as a family. It’s so funny how traveling with a baby changes your perspective — whereas before we might have rented a place on the beach and just used bikes to get around everywhere, now we’re staying in a condo and have a rental car. It’s a different kind of adventure but an awesome one nonetheless. And because we have a car we can maybe toodle around a little more than we would have otherwise!

I’m dying to see some ruins. (These photos in particular have me super pumped to so exploring.) If you’ve been to the Maya Riviera, did you go check out any of the ruins? Did you climb them? I’d love to know your experience! Aside from the ruins, I think it could be so fun to take Henry to see some monkeys at the zoo (who are we kidding, I want to see the monkeys at the zoo), and dip our toes into a freshwater cenote. There’s also the little Tulum town area that seems like it could be full of fun places to eat and hang out like a local. And I’ve been thinking about how cool it could be to drive up the coast just a bit and explore Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, or even Akumal for a spot that might be a little less touristy. But let’s be real, I’m pretty sure there will be more than a few days when all we do is post up at the beach and build sandcastles. And that sounds pretty darn good.

So if you’ve been to that part of the world and had any favorites, please share! I’m talking restaurants, shops, secret beach spots, day excursions — we want it all. And in the meantime I’ll just keep looking at photos and daydreaming until we can hop on a plane and get the adventure started. xoxo

Planning for Tulum

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10 thoughts on “Travel // Planning for Tulum

  1. Chichén Itzá is super cool, although you can’t climb it anymore. On our way there we got to swim in an underground river and was probably the highlight of the trip. There are several underground rivers (cenotes) but we went to Cenote Samulá I believe. amazing! Wherever you end up on your trip, take it all in and enjoy!!

  2. You will love the trip. My family has stayed in the Rivera Maya area twice and can’t wait to go back. Took the tour to Chichen Itza and Tulum. Both were amazing to see in person. I kept having to tell myself I was not at Disney….these ruins are the real thing. You are not allowed to climb them anymore , but I highly suggest going on one of the free group tours. You will learn lots of history. ENJOY your trip. Bring lots of sunscreen. 🙂

  3. I am so SO jealous. I had planned a trip to Tulum in June – super cheap flights and an amazing Airbnb place – and realized my passport was expired.

    DEVASTATING. Ok, not really, but I’ve never been to a pretty beach, and I was incredibly disappointed. *sigh* Maybe next year…

  4. I’ve been to Chichen Itza and it was super cool but you aren’t allowed to climb, wahh. We had a great tour guide who told all kinds of cool stories. The day we went it was storming like crazy and they lost all power, so it was really eerie but super cool and adventurous! We still talk about it all the time. 🙂

  5. Tulum is about my favorite place on earth. My family has gone for Thanksgiving the past three years. (Sadly, we’re not going this year and I’m more than a little depressed about it.)

    Stop at Ziggy Beach for the tuna nachos and half price margs.

  6. You have to go to PlayaCar is a little town near Tulum, 30 minutes away maybe, there is a street called Quinta Avenida (5th avenue) and its amazing, it has a lot of cool restaurants and shops.

Free Email Series

Do Disneyland Right

5 Lessons for a Magical Visit, from a Former Cast Member

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