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Travel // Off to Ojai


Image from Ojai Rancho Inn.

Oh haaayyyy, Ojai! I know, I know, a super original joke. I just can’t help it. I’m taking off today for a teeny mini-vacay with Mr. Lovely, and we’re heading just a bit outside the city to Ojai. Can’t wait for some time to relax, chill out, get recharged, and have a little belated birthday celebration.

If you’ve ever been to Ojai I’d love to hear your tips! We’re looking for great spots to eat, pretty hikes, fun shops, and everything in between. So let me know if you have any recommendations. Stay tuned this week, though, because I have some killer stuff coming up that you won’t want to miss (here’s a hint: Palm Springs peeks, giveaways, DIYs, and more!). xoxo

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13 thoughts on “Travel // Off to Ojai

  1. Welcome to my little corner of the universe! Hope you love your trip 🙂 Ojai is just wonderful – perfect for a little trip, or even just a day! xoxo

        1. That’s awesome! I haven’t explored Ventura much but I’d love to — that’s kind of where the turnoff is to get to Ojai, right? Near the coast?

  2. my cousins live there and we grew up going.

    There’s a LOVELY ice cream shop on the main little street. no idea what it’s called. Ok, I’m SO helpful. have the best time!

  3. Ojai is beautiful! I’ve been there a handful of times, mostly when I was a teenager (so a long time ago). I can’t think of one particular attraction to tell you about to go see. The whole place is magical. Hope you have fun.


  4. I hope you two are having a wonderful time! My mom was born/raised in Ojai and I grew up there on the weekends visiting my grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins. Such an amazing little town! I hope you got over to Bocalli’s for some bruschetta, pizza, and their AMAZING strawberry shortcake. If you’re still up there, you might want to go get a drink at the Deer Lodge tomorrow!

  5. Post Baby we went to Ojai for my husband’s 40th getaway. Sigh. We never even left the Ojai Inn and Spa. LOVE that place. It’s heaven.

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