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Travel // NYC



I wish I could tell you how perfect our last few days in NYC have been. There are about 4 weeks out of the year in New York that have amazing weather, and I think we accidentally hit one of them. It almost felt like fall. Or spring. Blue skies, a little breeze, sun that’s not too not — I mean, we hit the jackpot. And so we’ve been doing a lot of wandering.

We came to town with no other plans than to spend as much time with our friends as possible. No touristy stuff — we just wanted to have a few days kind of just like they used to be. See a show, meet a friend, grab a drink. Ya know. The good stuff. So that’s what we’ve been doing.



We hit some of our very faves, and it kind of feels like we never left. We went for a walk on the High Line (which, by the way, is one of my favorite things to recommend to visitors). We grabbed lunch at Chelsea Market (there’s crepes and meat pies and everything in between), and split a bunch of Schmackary’s cookies. We wandered for hours through Soho and the West Village and Central Park, stopping on a park bench or at a coffee shop when we needed a breather. We saw friends perform in their Broadway shows and grinned from ear to ear. And we met up with so many of our favorite people my heart is full to bursting.

Being back is always kind of strange — for the first few hours there’s an adjustment. But this place will always also feel like home to me, and I’m grateful for that. We leave tonight on a red eye to Paris, and while I’m so excited for the next part of our adventure, I’m definitely a little downhearted to be leaving all of our best pals. These NYC friends of ours truly feel like family. And I suppose the great thing about family is that you know they’ll always be part of your life, no matter where they are. xoxo

P.S. If you want, keep following our travels on Instagram — here’s mine and here’s Mr. Lovely’s. We’re a couple of shutterbugs.









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9 thoughts on “Travel // NYC

  1. I really enjoyed the highline when my boyfriend and I visited NYC last summer – and that picture with the painting on the wall? I think I have a picture just like that! 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! And don’t you just love it when the weather cooperates? I was in Seattle earlier this summer, and the weather was uncharacteristically beautiful. Everyone kept telling us that’s how it was all the time. Hope you’re having a great time on vacation!


  3. Chelsea, these are such lovely photos! I was in NYC recently for Alt Summit and The High Line was probably my second most fond memory and experience.

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