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today’s debate // 9

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! Today’s debate is inspired by one of my favorite DIY pals, Kelly, who says that there’s a little debate going on in her house right now, too. It has to do with ye olde holiday tradition of putting up lights. Guys, when it comes to the lights on your house or tree, how do you like ’em?

Oooooh, tricky and serious, right? (Slash totally frivolous, but that’s how I like it.) Anyway, what’s your position here? I grew up with multicolored lights on the house and white lights on the tree. So to this day, that’s how I like it. Wait, that’s not true at all. I actually love white lights on the exterior of houses, and I think it looks so classy and gorgeous. And if I were putting lights on a house this year, they’d be white. BUT! When I see colored lights on a house, it instantly makes me feel like I’m 8 again and I get very cozy. It’s kind of a down-home feeling.

So where are we here, people? Whites? Colors? A little bit of this and a little bit of that? Kelly is dying to know. xoxo

P.S. How do you like that fancy illustration I made? I’m super proud of my new Illustrator skills, and it’s all because of Alma at Nicole’s Classes! If you are jonesing to learn a new skill on the computer or your camera, take one of these classes. Just do it. It’s awesome.

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18 thoughts on “today’s debate // 9

  1. Haha, this is so cute! At my home we did a mixture of white lights and colored on the tree and white lights outside on the house. I don’t really have a preference- I just like putting up the decorations! 🙂

  2. Growing up we had colored lights but I believe my mam later switched them to all white.

    For my own home, white all the way.

  3. Yes!! How does everyone handle such debates!? I grew up in a colorful light household and asked every year to switch to white lights. Now that I’ve moved out (And my parents finally got white lights! Figures!) I face the same issue with this boyfriend of mine. He pulls for colors, I pull for white. I’ve won so far, but when we have a house to decorate in full, I’m going to need some major leverage! =)

    p.s. that graphic is so darn adorable!

  4. I would just like to go on record by saying that colored lights are far superior to white ones. I can pull out the sob story about how my grandfather would only decorate with the classic colored lights and since he is no longer with us, they are a reminder of my time with him as a child, but you know what? I’m not going to do that. Kelly, this is a battle you’re going to lose.

  5. Oh, I couldn’t decide. I think I love white lights inside, but a neighborhood that has either/or outside. I wonder which one kids like best?

  6. I’ve been debating this for our tree this year, honestly, as silly as it sounds. I love colorful lights because that’s what we always had when I was a kid… and I get really sentimental about things like that during this season. The thing is, I also love the serenity and uniformness of the white lights only. What will we be doing when we get the tree tomorrow? Probably adding strands of each… but I like the idea of doing just one or the other eventually. Not that I’m any closer to deciding.

    Loving the little graphic you made, too! So cute!

  7. My mom and I each have “twinkle lights” up year round in our front windows–on the inside, so that it’s more about providing a cheerful light for the inhabitant, and less about looking festive/christmasy to passersby. I have white only, she has a mixture. But I also have an extra-long strand of colored lights draped over my armoire, to give a rosy glow to my bedroom. So obviously, I like both. 🙂

  8. I looove how classic white lights are! If I stray, I’m straying toward blinking white lights or blue lights. But I love all lights!

  9. Oh fun!!

    For my own home I’m ALL about the white twinkle lights. It feels magical. For others people’s decoration I love color!

  10. Oh, I’m all about the bright cheesy colors all the way. It is so festive and fun and makes the 8-year old in me smile. One of these days when I ‘grow up’ (if that ever happens) I might turn to the classy white lights, but for now I’m letting my inner child reign.

  11. I love white lights. My boys and I drive around at night and look at lights this time of year and I always point out the house with pretty white lights. The boys tell me white is boring. They love all things colorful. The gaudier the better. SO at our house we have colored lights everywhere. I will have plenty of years for white lights.

  12. Well done with the illustration! As for the lights- I grew up with multicolored lights, yet my husband and I trim our tree with white cafe lights. I love the way the big, round bulbs look on a blue spruce tree- very rustic! As much as I love my white lights, if my mom trimmed her tree with anything other than multi I think all us kids would freak! So silly, I know!

Free Email Series

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Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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