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today’s debate // 7

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! Today I want to know how you like to spend your Halloween.

Today's Debate

Trick or Treaters. Girl.

For the last few years, we lived in NYC and so I would avoid going out on Halloween at all costs. There’s something about Halloween in the city that just makes people bonkers, so I’d usually plan something in with friends. But I think this year Mr. Lovely and I might actually figure out a costume situation and hit the town, to see what an LA Halloween is like.

So how do you like to spend your Halloween? Do you get all kinds of dressed up and hit the town? Do you stay home to field adorable little trick or treaters? Or maybe you have some little ones of your own who have some trick or treating to do. I’d love do know what you’ll be doing on Halloween! xoxo

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8 thoughts on “today’s debate // 7

  1. We usually buy candy and pretend that trick or treaters are actually going to come to our apartment, but they don’t! I grew up in a neighborhood that had hundreds of trick or treaters , so I can’t wait to have a house (and kiddos!) to get back in the trick or treating swing someday. For now, it’ll probably be the couch, a Halloween movie and all that candy that we won’t be giving away! =) Let us all know if you find any fun LA events!

    1. I know, I kind of miss having little kids come to the door! Maybe we should reverse trick or treat — go out into the streets with bags of candy and throw it at people. Haha!

  2. I prefer to stay in and enjoy having trick or treaters come to the door. That being said, having kids does mean venturing out in the neighborhood, and Evan’s total enthusiasm makes it worthwhile! I am definitely not the parent who dresses up, though. I have an orange shirt that I have worn to school every year that says “generic Halloween costume”.

  3. LOL! I love trick-or-treating. I would much rather do that than hand out candy (though I do like that, too.) I am just not keen on just getting into a movie or a show, and then getting up to kids at the door. And those are usually the ungrateful 17-year-olds who are not dressed up or dressed as slutty kittens and expect hand-fulls of candy. But I digress… trick or treating in costume is a BLAST! Two years ago Aaron and I went out as Mario and Luigi and kids would yell from across the street “Mario! I have your game!” 🙂 Being pseudo-famous was AWESOME.

  4. I loved that my husband took our kids trick-or-treating and loved it, and I stayed home to hand out candy. We live in the country and kids have to be driven from one house to another, but lots of kids came. What a great neighborhood.

  5. We do a combo! Our friends get all dressed up and we have a party at someone’s house! We get to stay away from expensive clubs and have the best time with friends! Although once our first little one arrives, we will be taking him/her out trick or treating. Some of my favourite memories as a kid involve Halloween night in the suburbs 🙂

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