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today’s debate // 5

Happy Friday, y’all! You know that Fridays are even more exciting to me now that we get to have our little chats every week about the day’s debate. And it’s even more apropos now that the Presidential Debates are going on, too. (Although we’re the ones tackling the really tough issues, like whether Red Vines or Twizzlers are better…)

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! With all of the technology available to us now, I’m wondering which you prefer:

Today's Debate

Phone. Typewriter.

I have to admit it: I really dislike talking on the phone. It’s hard for me to have conversations where I can’t read facial expressions and body language, and I just don’t like it! There are obviously a few close friends and family members that I can chat easily with over the phone, but otherwise — I’m not a “catch-up-on-the-phone” type of gal. I love brief text conversations, but I guess if I had my choice I’d really just choose to have an in-person conversation. (Although another benefit of texting is that if someone gives you information like when and where to meet up, it’ll always be in your phone and you don’t have to write it down.)

Anyway! What about you? Are you a gal who loves a gab fest over the phone? Or do you have thumbs of steel and an emoji vocabulary that puts everyone else to shame? How to you like to communicate? Let’s debate! xoxo

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9 thoughts on “today’s debate // 5

  1. I’ve never been much of a phone talker. There have been people here and there that I can easily talk with, but otherwise I’m not into it. – When it comes to in-person or texting, it really depends on the person and my mood. Sometimes it’s nice to just text and not have to worry about awkward silences and things like that. But really, nothing beats just hanging out with good friends!

    – tianna 🙂

  2. First and foremost, nothing is better to me than enjoying friends and family in person. But if I had to choose between texting and talking over the phone – I would say texting. I find it fun, like back in the days of AIM when it was a endless convo full of wit and smileys. Talking over the phone can be awkward – I find I sometimes interrupt people bc I can’t see their faces or expressions to know that they’re about to say something!

  3. I HATE texting! I know a few people who just send a confrontational novel of a text instead of having a little argument in person and it annoys me to no end! Sure, phone convos have awkward silences but they are better than deciphering the deeper meaning of a “k” or “…”

    1. True, context is key! And I know a few people who like to hide behind a passive aggressive text, too. Maybe not the healthiest method of communication… 😉

  4. If it’s someone I don’t mind talking to, then I can talk on the phone for hours. In the same breath, there are some people I’d much rather text. So .. I like both!

  5. First, super cute idea for a Friday post… how fun is this?!
    I think for the most part I prefer texting. It is usually easier and you can really do it on your own terms and in your own time (if you are doing busy work).
    Having said that, I also agree with Amanda up there! I can talk forever to some, and to some a quick text is all I care to muster.

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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