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today’s debate // 4

Hey hey hey, it’s my favorite Friday tradition! Thanks for all of your input on last week’s debate — it made me feel like not such a loser. Today, a topic near and dear to my heart, because it’s got to do with the DIY world.

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! When it comes to new stuff, how do you roll?

Today's Debate

Seamstress. Shoppers.

You all know that I’m a total DIY fan, but I do have to say that there’s a point of diminishing returns on making everything yourself, especially if you’re doing it to save money. At some point, it’s just easier (and cheaper) to go out and buy a shirt, ya know? The other side of the whole thing, though, is that a large part of why I DIY is simply for the pleasure of it. I like to see a project come together. I like to have made things with my own two hands. It truly gives me a sense of accomplishment, and then things are not just things; they’re things that I created.

So where do you lie on the spectrum? Do you DIY at all? Or do you only DIY? I’m really interested to hear about this one! xoxo

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11 thoughts on “today’s debate // 4

  1. I DIY, but I definitely buy too! If DIY’ing would make it look cheap in the end result, then I’ll totally buy. Unless of course the price tag hurts too much, haha 🙂

  2. I’m a DIY-er, oh did you not know that!? 😉 But I definitely draw the line somewhere. Something that has upset me with the DIY world is when people make (and post!) complete, exact knockoffs of items they can’t or won’t purchase. Now, I am all for being inspired by items out of my price range but I see DIY as a way to be creative, not to rip off someone else’s creativity. I always try to make a conscious effort to change something up if I make a DIY inspired by something I’ve seen, and if DIY isn’t possible I either buy, or stare at it longingly on Pinterest. 😉

    1. Those are such wise words, Kell! I have to admit that there are a few DIYS in my home that were inspired by things I couldn’t afford — but I definitely hold off on posting them unless there’s an alteration that’s major enough to make it a different product, ya know? There’s definitely a fine line, and in the creative world I feel like it’s important to respect the businesses that other people are trying to build.

  3. Ι started making things for presents because I really wanted to make something myself and to give something special at the same time (plus, as you say, it can be a lot cheaper!) I agree with you that when you make something is something that you have created and that gives me a great feeling. My only problem is that it reaquires some time to make something and I don’t manage to give it on time! 🙂

  4. Buy it…most definitely. I can only sew in a straight line and considering how much hips and butt I have..there is nothing straight about this figure of mine! I’m pretty sure that any handmade clothing from me would be reminiscent of the Gordon Gartrell episode of the Cosby show. YouTube it if you’ve never seen it…guaranteed laughs.

  5. When it comes to shopping vs sewing/DIY, I usually sew things similar to items I like at J.Crew, Madewell and Anthro since I can usually make it for less. But heck, if I can find something I like for $10 at Target, I’ll take it.

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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