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today’s debate // 3

Y’all, this column is becoming one of my favorites of the week! I love talking to you all and hearing your opinions — it’s so, so cool to get to know you all better. Up today, a debate about which I have a pretty strong opinion.

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! Today we’re talking about what you like to do with your weekends, so give it to me straight!

Today's Debate

Couch. Bar.

Let me drop a scenario on you. It’s Friday night. You’ve had an awesome work week, and now you have some fun stuff lined up for the weekend. Your friends are getting dolled up and heading out to the bar/restaurant/club to eat/drink/dance/look for boys/be crazy. Do you:

a) Get fancy, head out, and get your party on?

b) Make dinner, pour yourself a drink, and settle in on your comfy couch with TiVo?

You can bet, 100%, that you will always find me on the couch. And that would have been my answer before I was married as well, for that matter. I love being social, but I really love it when it’s on my terms, not in some loud bar where I can’t even hear my partners in crime. Invite me to the beach? Yes. To a show? For sure. Ice skating, hiking, cooking class, theme park? Yes and yes to all of them. But there’s just something about the bar/club scene that I can’t do. I just can’t do it.

So who of you are on the couch with me, and who of you are out being fabulous? I’m super curious about this one. (And by the way, yes, I know I am a grandma.) xoxo

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26 thoughts on “today’s debate // 3

  1. Kind of in between! I used to be squarely in the couch camp but find I love when I make myself get out and do things more. But can’t stand clubs except rarely. Hate when you can’t hear what everyone is saying – would much prefer chats! Happy weekend!

  2. I like to go out (nothing crazy) on Wednesdays and Thursdays to neighborhood bars when the crowds are much smaller. You get to know the regulars and the bartenders – feels more intimate.

  3. Count me in for couch as well! I love restaurants, cafes, socializing in general, but staying up really late being tightened up in a crowded and loud bar I can find no reason whatsoever!
    We have plans for a dvd tonight! Popcorn and hugs- my favorite =)

  4. Friends try to get me to go out. But there is nothing better on a Friday night than calling it an early night and watching my latest tv obsession. Plus drinking at home is much cheaper than going out!

    1. Amen, sister! The money is another consideration — it’s so expensive to go out now! Transportation/parking, cover charges, drinks, food — it adds up like crazy.

  5. After a rough week the couch always wins for me. When you’re hanging out at the couch the drinks are cheaper and you wont get anything spilled on your shoes!

    p.s. these posts are adorable!

  6. Couching it! I mean, people tell me all the time “you can couch it when you’re 50!” but I seriously dont see how crowded drunk infested places beat out a comfy couch with a perfect view of the TV.

  7. i’m a total couch person! it probably has to do with the fact that i’m a hardcore, textbook introvert. my brain physically can’t handle being around a crowd of people too long. i have to recharge (usually from a busy week of teaching 50 college students) otherwise my brain shuts down. from time to time yes, i LOVE getting dressed up and going out….but more often than not i’d prefer a quiet evening at home.

    and the most i can handle is a dinner with one friend then an evening at home. (and i’m only 24!! oh introversion.)

    1. I definitely need some quiet time to recharge too — especially when I was teaching, so I can totally understand that. Sometimes when you’re teaching all day you feel like you’re constantly “on,” and it’s just nice to turn off for a while.

      1. This is exactly what I like doing myself! I like going out but not very often. Because I spend all day working and thingking about my work- I’m a teacher of English as a foreign language in Greece- Friday night is my chance to let the steam off and I just want to relax watching my favourite TV shows or making something- crochetting, embroidery, sewing- it’s always somebody’s birthday!Thank you so much for this post. I’ve been feeling a bit guilty for not wanting to go out and your post kinda helped me to accept myself a bit more on that! 🙂

  8. We do both! My fiance and I are really homebodies at heart, we hate loud music & aren’t single, so clubs aren’t really for us. HOWEVER – I love to eat out on the weekends with close friends, chatting with a bottle of wine. For example, this weekend Friday we’re going to happy hour with an old friend, and probably coming home early after a meal, and tomorrow night we are having “game night” in with another couple. There’ll be some farmer’s market/brunch outings as well. I like to be low-key while still getting out!

  9. Great question! I stopped drinking about a year ago for health reasons (still have some wine every now and again!) but it makes the club scene truly hard to bear — plus Fridays are just tough! I vote couch all the way. The only downside is that if you’re single which I am) it makes it harder to meet people 🙂

  10. until 8 years ago I would get up at 1 am to get ready to go to an after hour club with friends! Now…Nope! I’d rather stay home, go for a movie, go for a workshop, a painting class, a talk, a museum adventure…anything but loud crowd…

  11. I don’ usually go out on friday nights, partying rock and drinking aren’t my favorite things to do. I like to go out with my friends every now and then, but I usually end up willing to be at home or even in another place with them, just somewhere else without all the drunk people around. I am 18, don’t drink, and eventhough I am single, I don’t like to mess around with boys, I am willing to find one guy to be with for more than one night, not lots of guys to be with during one party. I like to stay at home and watch movies, but I also like to go on adventures, music concerts, amusement parks, or even go to a club where I can talk and laugh with my friends with no drunk person hiting on me. Is it so strange? People say I am losing time of my life, but that is who I am and I am not gonna change just cause the world says that an adolescent has to drink all the beers around and date as much as possible. So I say couch! Also I say beach, hiking, sports, books, music, bicycle, cooking, friendship, laughing, praying, living in my own way and being happy like this… I guess everyone has a different life style, and it’s not up to anyone to judge, we have to accept the differences and try to be the best of ourselves we can, there is always something to learn and to love about someone. Well, it’s good to know that other people feel this way about friday nights, and even write awesome posts like this one. Congratulations for your blog, lovely, you’re great!

  12. Couch please!! I will always choose couch unless one of the above class/theme park/show scenarios occur. We had a birthday obligation at a bar on Friday and I felt a little out of place, couldn’t hear a thing and was definitely yawning all the way through. Ha! Pathetic, eh? Couch, Netflix + something sweet to eat is where it’s at.

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