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today’s debate // 1

I love talking to you guys. I mean, I seriously love when you comment and we can get a conversation going. It’s the best when I get to hear your thoughts. And so in that spirit, I’m starting a new weekly column just for you! I wanna hear what you have to say about things. Big things, little things, hugely important things, and things like glitter and nail polish. So every week, we’ll get our feelings out on a topic to be decided by yours truly. We’ll start easy this week, so we can have a little warm up. The only ground rule is mutual respect for everybody’s opinion, so let’s DO THIS!

Welcome to Today’s Debate, where we weigh in on the sublime, the ridiculous, and everything in between! Today we’ve got a crucial one — it’s a question for the ages.

Today's Debate

I have a feeling I’m going to be in the minority on this one, but I’m Team Red Vines through and through! I just can’t get behind the waxy feeling of chomping on a Twizzler. And then there’s the whole Red Vine/movie theater combo that’s just too perfect. And what’s more, I like my Red Vines on the stale side, so they take longer to chew. So weird.

Okay! Your turn — be sure to weigh in on Today’s Debate! This is very serious stuff, people. xoxo

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38 thoughts on “today’s debate // 1

  1. Hilarious, we were just having this debate at our staff lunch yesterday. I’m tots with you on the red vines – although I love them fresh and soft, right out of the package. Twizzlers taste too “fake” to me, way too waxy and, dare I say, slimy? Plus there’s nothing better than walking into a community lunch room and seeing that big red Red Vine bucket itching to be opened!

  2. Wait. Seriously? We’re talking about this? Um… YEAH!!! Chiiiilllld! I go ’round and ’round on this one with folks. And, Miss Chelsea, I’m right there with you! A Red Vines boy I am… and HOW! Twizzlers? Blech!

      1. I was just teasing you before. This is a GREAT debate to start! I’ve seen people come close to blows over this one. It’s a heated topic for sure. Probably because all those Twizzler lovers know they’re wrong. 😉


    “I just can’t get behind the waxy feeling of chomping on a Twizzler.” <—- TOTALLY!


  4. RED VINES (although I do not dislike Twizzlers).


    Stale OR soft, used as a straw, tied in a knot, eaten two at a time….

    (P.S. A Grape Red Vine makes a surprisingly AWESOME sangria straw. Just fyi.)

      1. I KNOW–right?? My friend Spencer discovered this at a picnic and it changed my life. I think Grape Red Vine for red sangria, original Red Vine for white sangria, might need to be the new way to serve it.

  5. Absolutely team Red Vine!! In my opinion Twizzlers taste like plastic .. yuck! But I’m with Laura. Stale or soft, used as a straw (I STILL do this) .. they’re delicious!!

  6. I’m all over Red Vines. I remember when I was younger and I thought Twizzlers were the same thing as Red Vines… and I was sorely disappointed.
    I also can agree with you on the slightly stale side, making them last longer. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll open up a package and go to town, but then they’re gone way too fast and it bums me out.
    Also, I happen to have a package of Red Vines currently sitting in my snack drawer… Maybe I’ll go crack them open…

  7. My mama raised my right- Red Vines through and through. I don’t mind twizzlers. Like, if they were the last licorice on earth, I would obviously eat them. But my heart says “Red Vines”.

  8. I was afraid I’d have to come in here and defend my Red Vines! It seems like everyone I went to school with preferred Twizzlers and I just could not understand. I’m glad to see otherwise on this here blog.

    In related news- did you hear that Red Vines Black Licorice was recently recalled for containing high levels of lead?? Blehh..

  9. Well, in my childhood I never even knew there were Twizzlers so Red Vines were of course the treat. Then in high school I got addicted to Twizzlers (ate one school-fundraiser-sized pack EVERY DAY at 4th period– I do NOT recommend doing this), so I went over to the dark side. However, in my current analysis, I have decided that since Red Vines seem to take longer to eat and are more substantial, you’re better off spending calories there. And of course, that was the whole basis of getting them at the movies as a kid– you could make one box last the whole movie, not just the previews! 🙂

    1. However, in a completely unrelated but parallel idea, you can’t forget about the original black licorice! Remember going to Big R and Dad would get us a pack for a treat???

  10. I must put in a nomination for Twizzler nibs and also the real Australian red licorice that costs like $6 a carton. I find both of those superior to all other licorice.

  11. Since we’ve evolved into licorice talk, I am a CRAZY fan of licorice–both red and black. Licorice allsorts are my nemesis, and the slightly salty European kind is always an adventuresome change (but only the SLIGHTLY salty kind).

  12. I’m totally on the Red Vines team. But here’s the thing… from what I hear, it depends on where you live/grew up. From what my Southern/Midwestern (or UK) born friends, they say it’s all about the Twizzlers… But if your from the West (which I am), it’s all about the Red Vines. Don’t know if you can use that as a blanket statement for everyone from those areas… but it’s just what I have heard from a lot of people.

  13. i’m not really a big licorice person (i know, gasp) BUT i remember when i was a kid my mom was obsessed with sour red licorice. it was super chewy and kind of hard with the perfect amount of sour powder, and she’d get a bunch from the sweet factory every time we went to the mall. then one day their recipe changed and ever since then i haven’t been able to find the right version. totally random, i know. but now i’m drooling just thinking about it. i miss you, sour licorice! (it was probably sour red vines, for the record twizzlers are nasty.)

  14. Red Vines all the way…although, the pull and peel twizzlers are perfect for when I need to feel like I’m 6 and playing with my food.

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