Three Fab Fall Coats

I think the title says it all, gang. I’ve been zooming around online looking for coats that would go great with a baby bump and after the bump is (hopefully!) gone, and there are so many delicious choices out there! In case you’re looking too, I rounded up three that I would just love to see make their way into my closet.

Fall Coats

Whaddaya think? Any favorites? That heart trench is adorable and the military jacket is so cool, but I think I’m gunning for the black and white beauty in the center. It just looks so cozy — part cardigan, part coat, all awesome. Have you come across any great fall jackets this year? Do share! xoxo

8 thoughts on “Three Fab Fall Coats”

  1. I keep seeing that dang heart-print trench all over the interwebs and every time I do I’m like but I NEEEEEEED it!!!

  2. After seeing this post, I bought the heart jacket! It shipped pretty quickly and I LOVE it! I wasn’t sure what to expect for the price, but it is awesome and fits great, and is super cute, and I get tons of comments when I wear it. Thanks for posting! 🙂

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