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September 25 2015 |

Botanical Mandala

I’m so pumped because next week I can finally share some big fun news with you! It’s still under wraps for now but here’s a hint: If you’re in the San Francisco area you should get ready to get your craft on with yours truly! Amber and I have been hard at work planning some really rad stuff for a family workshop event, and it’s going to be so good. Stay tuned next week for the big announcement and lots more info.

What else, you ask? Well, Lovely Indeed is finally getting with the times and we’re putting together our very own YouTube channel! Now all of the videos we’ve been making will live in one happy little place on the internet. We’ve got some awesome new video content coming for ya, too, so be a pal and subscribe to our channel right here!

In other news, it’s been very Halloweeny up in my studio lately! I’m knee deep in skulls and pumpkins and feathers (for some reason) and it’s so fun. Don’t you just love the fall?! This weekend I have a goal to just relax a bit after a pretty busy workweek, so I’m hoping to run around drinking fall drinks and pretending it’s not still 90 degrees in California. What will you be up to? Is it fall where you are? I’m dying for a weekend of apple picking or pumpkin carving but I think I have to make myself hold off just a bit until it feels less like summer. This happens every year! I mean, I love California, but come on. 

Get out there and nail Friday today, you guys! xoxo

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  1. awesome on the you tube channel! that’ll be great…totally a thing you should have! ah yes, love the fall. It’s finally chilly here…like 70 degrees, which feel amazing. Next weekend we have some apple picking and fall beer drinking on tap!

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