This Week + Umbrellas

hand holding umbrella

I’m a sunshine girl for sure, but all this rain California is getting right now is pretty exciting! With the drought being in the front of everyone’s mind all the time it’s so wonderful to see green hills in the distance and mountains with a big fat snowcap still on them. Our umbrellas have been getting a workout, which is alright with me. And speaking of umbrellas! That gold polka dotted number in the photo up there is a project I created for a book that I co-authored last year! We kept it under our hats for a while but you can get it now and see a whole bunch of painting projects that we’ve never shared anywhere else. You can see the book and get yourself one right here!

Aside from all that, it’s been a little crazy ’round these parts, as my mom had a little unexpected trip to the hospital last week and we’ve been helping her get back on her feet since then. Without going into too much detail, I’d really appreciate any positive thoughts or prayers you have if you could send ’em her way! When it rains it pours, guys.

Hoping your weekend is full of awesome things ahead! Here’s something kinda fun — I think we might go to the gem show this weekend?! The I-wanna-be-a-geologist-third-grader inside of me is totally pumped to go spend forever wandering around looking at pretty rocks. And what are you doing this weekend? xoxo

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  1. Chelsea, Sorry about your mom. Hopefully, she is on the mend. Sending a hug and positive energy your way. Congrats on the new book! Pat S

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