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This Week + #thelovelyrenovation

Cracks in Stucco

So I think I covered it on Instagram, but I also think I forgot to mention here that we’re renovating our house! We broke ground the day after Christmas on Phase One of three phases that we have planned. First up, we’re extending a new garage into our massive (and totally unused) back driveway, and we’re making the old garage into a fully functioning, decked out home studio!

We’ve been talking for quite a while about the pros and cons of getting a studio space outside of our house, but the bottom line is that we both love the flexibility that working from home gives us. That being said, the extra bedroom that we converted into an office is bursting at the seams and we have outgrown it way more quickly than we thought we would. Also, even when we have help at home watching Henry while we’re working, if he knows we’re in the house working he’s distracted and constantly coming to want to see what we’re up to. With the new studio, it’ll be connected to the house but in a back area that we can close off completely, so when we’re working it’ll actually feel like we’re “at work.” (Not to mention some sweet stuff we’re decking it out with like lots of windows for great lighting and a giant photo area so we can photograph our larger projects way more easily.)

The first question most people ask us when we tell them we’re renovating is Are you going to DIY it?! And the answer is a resounding NO WAY JOSE. I’m great with a glue gun and all that but the last thing I want to be responsible for is building the walls that will keep our family safe. And honestly, Ryan probably could do it if he put his mind to it, but the reality is we both have full-time jobs and we want to focus on that while we hire professionals to do what they do best. But! Every once in a while our contractor needs help and that’s when Ryan gets to bang things with a hammer for a while. I think he secretly loves it.


One fun thing we found out while Ryan was removing that stucco: our house used to be pink! Like, super pink. I think that’s good vibes.

Anyway! I’ll save what we’re planning for Phase Two and Three for later, but if you want to follow along check out #thelovelyrenovation on Instagram! The photos ain’t gonna be pretty but hey man, that’s life. We’re embarking on a many-month project where we’re going to be covered in dust and rubble and floor samples and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. So we’ll be cleaning up messes and picking out some new finishings this weekend, and probably all of the weekends in the foreseeable future. What are you up to this weekend? Have a good one! xoox

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