This Week + The List App

The List App

Public Service Announcement! There’s a new app that I’m fascinated with and I think you might love it too! It’s just called The List App, and it’s – you guessed it – an app of lists. You can make lists, share lists, follow lists, suggest things to other users lists, and more. You have to go look! You know how I feel about lists to begin with, and after scrolling through some of the hilarious, thought-provoking, and just fun stuff on there I’m now obsessed. If you download it, follow me (I’m @lovelyindeed) and I have some lists there that could use your suggestions about content for the blog, future projects, and some silly stuff too. (There may or may not be a list where I recount all of my Halloween costumes by grade.)

In other news, it’s Halloween this weekend! We finally, finally decided on a family Halloween costume so follow along on Instagram to see what we are! Hope you all have a super safe and happy Halloween – be sure to share photos so I can see your costumes! xoxo

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