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Avocados in Half

Remember our old Ten Things posts? I kinda miss them! So I thought I’d do a little combo pack and wrap up with ten awesome things that happened this week. And away we go!

1. We had a little Cinco de Mayo fiesta at our place and finally invited all of our neighbors over! We’ve been in our house since September and this is the first time we’ve even met some of them.
2. Because of the party, we had to clean the house. And do all the laundry. So the house is already clean and we can skip it this weekend. Boom.
3. We partnered with BabyLit for an awesome giveaway! Truly, I love working with the brands that we know, love, and use every day.
4. Ryan landed a huuuuuge web design client, so we celebrated.
5. I made it to the 6 am spin class at the gym three times. Somebody high five me, hard.
6. Guacamole. Bowls and bowls of guacamole! Did I mention I love guacamole?
7. Henry started sitting up by himself! (For about 15 seconds at a time and then he flops over, but it still counts, right?!)
8. I lined up a couple of crazy good collaborations here on the blog. You guys are gonna love them.
9. Somebody told me I’m their “DIY spirit animal.” Thinking of putting it on my new business cards.
10. We made plans with Amber for a little weekend lunch date with our tiny people. I can’t wait to squeeze Markus until he pops.

Okay your turn! Tell me something awesome that happened this week! And then let’s all go out and nail it this weekend. See ya, gang. xoxo

6 thoughts on “This Week + Ten Things”

  1. Oh my goodness, please put DIY spirit animal on your cards. That’s hilarious. I’m tempted to redesign my business cards and include spirit animal in there somewhere. That will certainly stick in someones mind 🙂 Also, we ate hoards of guac this week too, its the only proper tex mex dish we could find all of the ingredients for in while were in Melbourne.

  2. I’m so happy for the weekend! It’s been a good week, but still, it’s great not to have classes to get to. Negotiating a summer job this week, woohoo!

  3. holy you made it to the gym for 6! total inspiration!!!!
    I got an email from a blog called Rad Girls Collective, saying they want to feature my earrings on their blog and insta giveaway next month, so that was pretty exciting for me!!!
    happy weekend

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