This Week + Ten Things


I loved the little pick-me-up last week of listing all the good things that happened, so let’s do it again! Here are ten awesome things that went down this week.

1. We booked our anniversary trip and we’re going to Tulum, y’all!
2. I got a whole bunch of big fat YESES in response to emails I sent.
3. On Tuesday, little dude napped like a champion. (Never mind what happened on Wednesday, but oh Tuesday was a beautiful thing.)
4. I had my very first Mother’s Day and Ryan’s card made me cry. Like, actual tears.
5. We got to hang out with Amber and Markus and I’m pretty sure he and Henry were vibing.
6. Lindsay illustrated me! The most fun surprise I can think of.
7. Everybody in the 6 am spin class officially knows my name and greets me when I come in the door. It’s like Norm on Cheers, but early and sweaty.
8. My agenda came in the mail and OMG it’s awesome.
9. Henry sat up by himself for almost 20 minutes straight! A vast improvement from last week’s cute little 15 seconds.
10. I actually finished most of the stuff on this week’s to-do list, so we may have a weekend ahead of us that actually looks like a weekend.

Your turn! I wanna know something rad that happened for you this week. Tell tell tell! xoxo

5 thoughts on “This Week + Ten Things”

  1. Yay for a great week!
    Lincoln took a 2 hour nap yesterday- whoa, booked a mini vaca for our little family which will be our first with baby and Blog Fete early bird tickets sold out. Patting myself on the back. 😉

  2. cheers to a good week behind ya and an even better weekend ahead.

    …..and speaking of, LOVE cheers. currently watching it and i cannot get enough of it.

    and Happy belated mothers day but scratch that cause happy mommas day all 364 days of the year!

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