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Tulum Ruins

We’re back in the states after an unreal time in Tulum, spending a quick day in LA and then heading home. Guys, everything everyone says about Tulum is true — there’s some weird magic there that makes it feel like another world. I can’t WAIT to share all of our adventures, especially tips and tricks for taking a little one along with you to Mexico. We had a ball and learned a ton and saw some of the most beautiful spots we’ve ever seen traveling.

But! You know me — I’m the most extreme combo of adventurer and homebody you could dream up, so I’m excited to get back to our little house and our routine. Sometimes the most beautiful thing about traveling is the way that it makes you appreciate your own backyard, huh?

What’s everybody been up to? I haven’t been online in what feels like ages and I’ve got some catching up to do. Tell me what you’re doing this weekend! xoxo

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