This Week + I Have a Secret!

Yellow Fall Tree

The trees in our town are ON POINT, guys. Look at that bad boy! My sister and I rolled up to a space in a parking structure the other day and this beauty was staring us in the face and I was like, “LOOK AT THAT TREEEEE!” And my sister just goes, “I feel an Instagram coming on.” Does she know me or what?

Okay but let’s talk about my secret. I’ve been keeping it and keeping it and it’s so exciting my eyes are watering and I can allllllmost tell you what it is! Keep a keen eye on my Instagram this weekend for a few hints, and next week you better WATCH OUT because we’re letting it loose on the world. And because I just can’t keep my mouth shut, let’s just say you better roll up your sleeves because it’s gonna be good.

In the meantime, check out a few of my pals and all of the beautiful stuff they’ve been creating! Happy weekend! xoxo

Freakin’ confetti chairs! Can I have them around my dining room table?
Patterned clutches with your own artwork on the fabric.
Did you know that we started a pop-up blog?! It’s called The Holiday Collective and it’s rad.
This makes working with tile look super simple.
The cutest holiday cake topper!

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