This Week + How Life Goes

June 26 2015 |

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Lovelies, I’m in one of those moods where I’m in love with the world. The beautiful, crazy, messy, difficult world. We came back from our trip to Denver early this week and ever since, Henry has been a little off his schedule and a bit fussy. We came back to piles of work. We came back to a dogsitting gig for a dog with fleas. We came back to a messy house and an empty fridge.

But you know what? For some reason I find it all kind of wonderful. Because that’s just how life goes, right? Some days are perfect and some days you have a messy house and some days you win the lottery and some days you stub your toe one too many times. You can choose to wish the time away and wait for tomorrow or you can choose to just hang on to the moment and laugh about the empty fridge (and just order a pizza, for crying out loud). As usual, I’m not sure I’m expressing myself as eloquently as I should but the bottom line is this: Today, right now, my life feels perfectly imperfect and just exactly right.

Hoping you feel the same today, and that you have a weekend full of whatever it is that you love to do! xoxo

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