This Week + Yay Instagram!

Lilly Pulizter for Target

What a week, y’all! I had a pretty magical week around the old inbox, starting with the totally amazing news that Instagram popped me onto the Suggested Users list for a bit! I just about fell over, because I love Instagram so much and am so pumped to join the other Instagrammers I know and love who have been featured in the past. It’s truly one of my favorite hobbies, sharing photos there, and I’m so grateful for that community. So hop over to my feed to see what’s new!

In other news, did you try to get any of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target goodies? This is one case where it pays to live in a smaller town — Ryan and I breezed into one of our local Targets and snapped up a few things without anybody trying to mow us down to get there first. But some of what I saw on the #lillyfortarget Instagram feed was insane! And did you see people reselling their stuff right away? Like, at insane markups? Gotta love capitalism.

And finally, we’re baptizing little Henry this weekend! It’ll just be a simple ceremony and a family dinner afterwards, but I’m so looking forward to celebrating . What are you up to this weekend? Get clicky with some of these links if you’re looking for a little action! xoxo

Ryan and I are taking Kelly and Jeff’s Can’t Crop This Class and learning a ton!
Can’t wait to take little dude swimming this summer… maybe in THIS?!
And meanwhile, I’ll float around on this.
Because flowers in your s’mores would be a GREAT idea.

2 thoughts on “This Week + Yay Instagram!”

  1. yay, Chels! So stoked for your IG! But even more stoked for little Henry boy! What a special weekend for your family! Enjoy it!

    And thanks for linking to my floral s’mores! You’re the bomb.


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