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This Week + Flowers Galore

pineapple on a pink wall

I was up to my elbows in flowers for most of this week and I loved every second of it. I think in an alternate universe somewhere I could have been a flower shop girl. Like a florist version of Kathleen Kelly. Not that I’m particularly great at floral stuff, but it just makes me insanely happy to be surrounded by all that pretty. But I digress.

I hope you loved our little edible flower petal waffles post because we have lots more flowers on the way to celebrate spring! Mr. Lovely and I were practically running all over town all week, leaving a wake of flower petals behind us. So stay tuned for all that jazz.

In other funny news, I did a quick Instagram poll to see whether you liked this or this better and it became The Great Pineapple Debate of 2015! Did you weigh in?

This weekend we’re dogsitting, so expect some possible puppy photobombs over on Instagram, if you’re into that. It’s been freakishly summerish around these parts so I’m looking forward to summer-type things! I’m even firing up my blender to get back into my green smoothie routine. I stopped those back when I was pregnant with Hanko because they made me absolutely ill. But now they sound crazy refreshing so we’re getting back on that bandwagon.

Today we’re actually taking off a little early to play some hooky and get out of dodge on a mini day trip. We hit a couple of rough little bumps this week (nothing serious — just life-knocking-you-around type of stuff) and I think it’ll do my heart some good to have a little adventure with my two dudes. We’re heading out with no plans and no schedule and it’s gonna be perfect.

What are you up to this weekend?! Do tell. And if you’re bored, here’s some stuff to keep you occupied. xoxo

Five times when you definitely shouldn’t procrastinate.
Pop the champagne!
New summer sunnies?
This office makeover is so. good.
The inside of my brain is a joke these days. I need to work on my memory.

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