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What a week! What a month! You guys, I love December. Did I tell you I’m singing in our local symphony chorus? We’ve been having lots of holiday concerts with the town’s symphony orchestra and I am up to my ears in beautiful music and holiday cheer. It’s been lovely! Other than that, I’ve been so, so pumped on our Lovely Indeed holiday designs for & Apparel — did you see both of them?! I can’t decide whether I like the sweater or the tee better — but you can get them both right here for 20% off with code LOVELY20. Cross my heart, every single time I wear them around town I get so many comments (especially the sweater!). If you grab one, be sure to share a photo of yourself in your festive gear with #thelovelysquad!

What else, you ask? I must have the coolest friends in all the land because Rachel from The Crafted Life put together a killer e-course that is right up your alley if you’re a blogger! It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by all of these amazing creatives doing wonderful things. Her Photo Styling 101 course is a perfect little package filled with tips on how to make gorgeous images for your blog or Instagram feed. Check it out here!

So! What’s everybody doing this weekend? I’ll be meeting up with a gang of fellow singers to do some Christmas caroling at the ice rink downtown, so suffice it to say it’s gonna be pretty cheerful up in here. Happy weekending! xoxo


4 thoughts on “This Week”

  1. i just bought the festive sweater yesterday so i missed out on the code. argh!
    but the good thing is, i got it yesterday cause today there are none in my size. silver lining.

    happy holidays!
    you should totally do a video singing a carol to post on christmas! you have such a lovely voice!

    happy holidays to you and your boys! <3


  2. This weekend we’re hitting several Christmas celebrations with family and friends because we’ll be vacationing for the real deal. Oh, and I wholeheartedly agree with Les. Please do a Christmas carol post!

  3. Every time I see a photo of you I think “I am so jealous of her hot bod.” Serious. I think I went to the gym less than 25 times all year this year, and my lack of pants-that-fit are the proof. (Plus too much delicious adult bevvys and gross processed foods.) I miss gym-going Laura. She and I are totally going to reconnect in 2016, I just know it. And your pics help inspire me!!!

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