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coconut waffles

Geez! Days and weeks are flying by right now. It’s insane! I feel like there are a million things to do and they’re all wonderful — I get to hang out with the babe and my husband, keep settling into the new house, tackle lots of fun work opportunities here on the blog, see my family and play with my niece and nephew, take adventures, and on and on and on. It’s funny, life is kind of small and simple right now but it feels bigger and fuller than it has in a long time. I love that.

This weekend will be part work, part relaxing, and lots of waffles. Obviously. In other news, check me out around town!

Do you use a physical planner or an app? I had big dreams of getting a paper planner this year but all the ones I wanted were sold out. Crazy!

How I stay organized at work… at home.

Remember these cement heart Valentines? Pinterest featured them in their newsletter! Thanks Pinterest!

And a couple of favorites this week:

If you’re in LA next weekend, you gotta do this!

Gimme this dress!

Still can’t get over these color dipped hangers.

Ditto this DIY guess who game. Brilliant!

Have a gorgeous weekend! xoxo

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