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this week


Guys, there was actual Christmas magic this week. A bona fide, legit moment like you’d find in a movie. Well, maybe not a movie, but at least a t.v. Christmas special.

So I usually am a stickler for real Christmas trees. It’s a thing. But this year for some reason I’ve been dying  for one of those crazy white tinsel fake trees. So Mr. Lovely and I had been hunting all around town for one of those suckers and no one — I mean no one — had them. So after trudging all over the place we doggedly marched into Big Lots, and lo and behold, the perfect tree! Six and a half feet tall, pre-lit, and as fake & white as they come. But that’s not even the Christmas magic part. Wait for it.

So we sort of wandered around the Christmas section debating whether to use our old decorations (which are all of these wacky colors) or to get a few new cheapo things and put all gold ornaments on the tree. We decided on gold, got what we could afford, and said that we’d just make some stuff at home to fill in the empty spots. We tried to find a topper but they were all pretty scary (deformed angels?), so we called it good and left.

Cut to us back at home, me taking out all (two) of our Christmas boxes. There was one box that I wasn’t sure what was in it. So I opened it up, and BOOM. Gold ornaments, gold garland, and a gold star for the top of the tree. It was a box that I had taken from my Grandmother’s house when we were cleaning it, after she passed away earlier this year.

I just about fell over and I couldn’t help but smiling all night. It was like Grandma knew what we would need and reminded me of it when we needed it. So her vintage glass ornaments are on our tree, and her star is on the top. Couldn’t be more perfect. xoxo

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9 thoughts on “this week

  1. That is so sweet that you found your G’ma’s ornaments! How perfect.
    And yeah, what is it with tree toppers lately? Since my hubs and I have been putting up a Christmas tree together, we haven’t been able to find a suitable topper. Crazy angels.

  2. Oh that is just the sweetest story ever. It really is a Magical Christmas moment. Your tree is your very own Christmas hug from Grandma which you get to indulge in all season long, a blessing on the Lovelies, indeed.

  3. Beautiful! I just love this story. I have a lot of my grandmother’s old Christmas stuff, too, and I love brining them out every year. So glad she was able to send you a smile! 🙂

  4. Aaw, how sweet. I love the white tree trend–bought one last January and was SO excited to put it up this year! Husband’s not too sure; we’re real tree people here in Oregon… but it looks great in our new house!!

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