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paddleboarding in cabo

I fell in love this week. We’re back from our trip to Mexico (and capping it off in Disneyland today!), and it was just gorgeous. I’ll give you a full run-down next week with lots of photos, but if I’m being completely honest, all I want to do is talk about my new love. Paddleboarding.

Here’s the deal. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have a completely overwhelming, totally irrational fear of sharks. (Again, shout-out to my sweet mom, whose favorite movie is Jaws.) I’ve surfed before, and didn’t really find it too scary on the shark-o-meter, because you’re always occupied either paddling or looking for a swell or riding a wave. But paddleboarding has always seemed super scary to me because you’re just sort of gliding along slowly, looking conspicuously like a seal from below, and I always imagine sharks down there just looking for a tasty paddleboarder to eat for lunch.

All that aside, the ocean is my favorite place to be, and I’ve been wanting to try paddling for a while. So I hitched up my britches to give it a go, and by the end of the hour you could barely pry me off of my board. And on top of that, I didn’t suck!

It’s quiet out there. You paddle out and you think that the ocean is a loud place, but that’s just the beach. On the water, it’s quiet. And it’s just sort of you, out in this wide open space, deciding where to steer. You have time to think about it. You can start to read the water, where it’s good, where it’s choppy. It’s so peaceful.

I went two days in a row, and on the second day, there were some sea lions playing out in the middle of the water. I paddled over to them as quietly as I could, and for a while, we were five feet away from each other. I was kind of half terrified that they’d jump on my board, but after a while they just toodled away, doing their sea lion thing.

Anyway, both days I came in from the water higher than high, and so grateful that I decided to face a fear. And that’s what I want to remember from this week. I mean, Mexico is beautiful and the tacos were great, but there was magic out there on the water. xoxo

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  1. I have a fear of anything I can’t see under the ocean water! I adore swimming in the ocean and relaxing, but anytime a little something swims by, my legs come up to my chest and I get nervous!

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