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this week

This was one of those weeks where you accidentally spend all of your time in one place, and it was Los Feliz. For all of you LA peeps, isn’t it adorable there? We brunched at Square One (oh my gosh, the cactus breakfast burritos & grits!), found a new favorite bookshop, had a cast party at The Dresden, and explored Griffith Observatory. I think I love it there because it reminds me of certain parts of New York, but without all of the honking taxis and overflow of people. Do you have any faves in Los Feliz?

There also may or may not have been a holiday photo shoot in our apartment this week, complete with fake snow and mini Christmas trees. Keep an eye out for more on that, coming soon.

And while we didn’t party ’til the cows came home on Halloween, we did head to a costume party to hang with some friends for a bit. I just so happened to have the perfect dress and apron, so we went as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.

Lucy and Ricky Costumes

Did you dress up? I’d love to know what your costumes were! I sort of can’t believe it’s already November, but I’m thrilled for it! And a little bit of news — Mr. Lovely and I will be on vacay in Mexico this coming week, but I’ll still be posting on a regular schedule, so come by and hang out! And when we’re back, we’ll have lots of travel tips and photos to share. In the meantime, I’ve got some crazy awesome links for your weekend. Have a great one, guys! xoxo

Emergency compliments.

Loving these illustrated maps.

Henry Thomas’ audition for Elliott in E.T.  This kid has some acting chops!

Branding the Presidents is some of the most inspiring design I’ve seen lately.

And finally, the feline pastime that’s sweeping the nation: Cat Bounce.

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