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In true Lovely fashion, we are jetting around the country again! This week and weekend we’re in Denver, visiting Mr. Lovely’s family — keep an eye out for a Where Am I Now post soon. Other than that, I’m still loving finding new and exciting things about LA. This week my favorite is the way that the skyscrapers and palm trees and mountains all hang out in the same place. Crazy.


And after some good feedback from you guys about last week’s link list, here’s some more good stuff for you to check out around the web! I came across some doozies this week. Have a great weekend! xoxo

I love old video footage — especially when it’s in Disneyland.

Have you ever been to a City Hall wedding in NYC? I think they’re kind of romantic.

Saw an installation kind of like this in an airport once, but this one is way better.

This list of celebrities and what they smell like won’t stop making me laugh.

Did you know that H&M had a home department? And that it’s coming to the U.S.?!


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