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I loved this week. Mr. Lovely and I went to my hometown to celebrate our anniversary and share the top tier of our wedding cake with family. I know people do that all the time, but I was still so surprised to see that the cake survived! Crazy. On top of that, we helped my dad drive some of his vintage cars in a local parade, which was totally fun and very hometown-y. And we’re also deep in rehearsals for Urinetown, a show that we booked together! It’s so exciting to be making our west coast theatre debut. All in all, busy, happy, and no complaints. How was your week?

This Week

And to send you into the weekend, a few awesome things around the web. xoxo

A promo video for our show (made by yours truly)!

Bummer news for anyone in NYC who loves musical theatre.

This makes me want to move to Paris ASAP.

Awesome tips for shooting with backlighting.

These are amazing — they kind of look like dreams!

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    1. Thanks Sweet Lo! I’ve been wanting to do weekend links for a while. Glad you like it! Also — so sad about Colony, no? I remember going there with my sister on our first trip to NYC when I was 13 and feeling like I was in heaven.

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