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This is Thirty Seven

Blurry, but focused.

Deeply happy, but sensitive to the sadness in the world.

Energetic and exhausted.

An adventurous homebody.

More familiar with myself every day.

You know how when women hit their thirties they’re all, “Ohhhh I am so confident now and I feel so great in my own skin and I’m so in control of my life yayyyy thirties!” Yeah, that’s not for real. At least it’s not an overnight thing. But I can honestly say that this is the first birthday I’ve had where I feel these deep shifts in myself. Thirty seven.

I feel myself becoming more than okay with who I am — I find myself loving it and celebrating it. I see myself recognizing the things that call me or move me to action, and I listen to those calls and act. For so long I’ve wanted to just be as I am, and I feel that settling in to place more and more.

There is always more road to travel and I hope I have at least fifty more birthdays to come, with Ryan at my side as we watch our kids grow. But right now I’m just so thankful for where I find myself at thirty seven that I could spit.

Also. I bought these overalls more than a year ago when I still had my post-baby body, and this weekend I finally fit into them. That year of training picked the perfect weekend to finally pay off. 😉 xoxo

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5 thoughts on “This is Thirty Seven

  1. Oh wow we are the same age! I turn 37 in December and the “late-30s” spectrum is a little scary but I do feel myself becoming more and more happy with who I am and more importantly, how I look. There was an interim period of “Accepting that I am crap” and a shift to “Not only am I not crap but I’m not too shabby at all and I like it!”

  2. Happy Birthday, Chelsea! It’s cool to find another February birthday (mine’s next week 😉 ). It’s awesome to watch you rock the season of life you and your family are in, and I hope you have many happy birthdays to come! 🙂

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