Things You Learn About Yourself While Baking German Chocolate Cake from Scratch


So Ryan asked for a German chocolate cake for his birthday. I had never made one before, but I figured I could find a recipe easy enough to follow and it would be no biggie. And truth be told, it wasn’t that terrible. But it was mayyyyybe just a little more than I bargained for. It turned out fine and all (a little on the dry side, but who’s counting), but there were moments when I felt like I was waging a war against my Kitchen Aid. Picture me, barefoot, pregnant, in a kitchen lightly dusted with flour, buttermilk on my shirt, cursing under my breath when the melted chocolate started to congeal. That’s real, guys.

I had all of these brilliant plans of making the cake and taking beautiful photos and sharing the recipe with you here, but none of those things happened. So instead I have some mediocre iPhone photos of a cake that I had to cut the edges off of because they were crispy. And a list of things that I learned about myself while baking my first German chocolate cake. Enjoy.

1. You are not invincible. Melted chocolate can and will get hot enough to burn your skin so badly it blisters if you touch it.

2. You are not an oven whisperer. If you’re baking in a new-to-you oven, maybe a German chocolate cake from scratch isn’t the recipe you should use to try out for the first time. Perhaps just some ready-to-bake cookies.

3. You welcome a challenge. Or perhaps you are just foolhardy. But either way, seeing a recipe with things on it like “cake flour” and “sweet German baking chocolate” do not scare you away.

4. You like to cut corners. When washing one less bowl becomes more important than separating ingredients appropriately, maybe it’s time to get out of the baking game.

5. You really, really love your husband. Because this is the cake he asked for, and by God, this is the cake he’s going to get. xoxo



12 thoughts on “Things You Learn About Yourself While Baking German Chocolate Cake from Scratch”

    1. I was wondering the same thing and according to Wikipedia :

      “It owes its name to an American chocolate maker named Sam German, who developed a formulation of dark baking chocolate that came to be used in the cake recipe.”

      So nothing really German in that cake haha!

      By the way, I loved that post, I can relate way too easily to your baking process! 🙂

  1. Good job! I remember the first time I made a GC Cake from scratch .. it was not as successful as yours. I’m sure it tasted delicious!

  2. Oh man, I made one from scratch for my mom’s birthday this year. One of the most daunting, trying and oh so freakin delicious baking endeavors I have ever accomplished! There should be a “I Survived the German Chocolate Cake Club.” Brava!

  3. Haha! Aw, I think it looks lovely! German chocolate cake is a real beast. It’s also not a particularly attractive cake. Of course, I didn’t know this until I had a similar baking bummer. I attempted to hide the hideousness of my cake with chocolate drizzles. Pretty sure chocolate solves all problems.

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