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The New Lovely

Chelsea Foy

Photo by Mary Costa

Stop the presses. Stop everything. It’s heeeeere! Welcome to the new Lovely Indeed. If you’re reading this here post on Bloglovin’ or Feedly or another reader, for crying out loud get yourself over to the blog and witness the new hotness.

We’ve had this redesign in the works for months now, and I’m so pumped to see it launch. For so long I’ve had this vision of the blog that’s more than just a blog — I wanted it to feel like a place to come and hang out, where there’s lots to do and see and participate in, and this feels so much more like that! Let me give ya a tour of the new joint and you can explore.

One of my favorite new ways to use the blog is in grid view. It kinda feels a bit Pinterest-y, and it gives you little bite sizes of each post so you can scroll through and see a whole bunch of posts at once. They’re all clickable and you can click through to read something that looks interesting. If that’s not your jam, you can click “Scroll” up at the top of the blog feed and see everything in good old fashioned scroll view.

We have a page for #thelovelysquad, where we’re featuring all of your reader projects! Be sure to tag your Lovely Indeed projects with #thelovelysquad on social media, and we’ll share here & link back to you!

There’s a new shop page, where you can find and shop Lovely Indeed faves (and a few fun surprises coming soon!). You know I love being able to share my favorite online finds, so now you can see them all in one spot.

Another new piece that I love is the Lovely Manifesto. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what Lovely Indeed is and what I want it to be, so we wrote a mission statement of sorts and it’ll live here on the blog, to serve as inspiration. It’s hand-lettered by the incredible Lindsey from Lindsey Crafter, who has a couple of regular illustrated series coming up here on the blog as well! Be sure to pop over and read our mission.

And finally, my web dudes spent many long and hard hours making the site fully responsive, so it looks great not just on a computer but on a tablet and a phone too. Ohhhhh, it’s so pretty.

Those are just a few of my favorite new features — be sure to spend some time clicking around and see how the new site really works! It’s so fun and so fancy and I just want to hop inside it and camp out. Hope you do too. Big claps for the dudes at Roundhouse Designs for leveling us up so hard! xoxo

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24 thoughts on “The New Lovely

  1. So is there no nowhere to go to scroll through the most recent blog posts? Only the magazine style blog homepage?

    1. Hi there! You can still scroll just like the old days. On the homepage, click “Blog” on the top bar or “Scroll Down for the Good Stuff” on the bottom bar (or just scroll manually). All the posts are there. Click “Grid” for the grid view or “Scroll” for the scroll view. The next time you load the page it will remember the way you like it and automatically load that way! Have fun!

  2. You are a rockstar, friend! It looks amazing, and so happy and bright. Congratulations! For sure all the hard work definitely paid off. xoxoxo

  3. Ahhh looks SO good! Really loving the manifesto and new direction. Can’t wait to see this as it grows 🙂

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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