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The Gal in 2A

I woke up this morning to a sound that I love — raindrops. Which was odd, seeing as how the forecast said nothing about rain. Still, I took it as a weatherman fluke and got up to brush my teeth. Made my way into the bathroom, where I found out that it was indeed raining. Inside my apartment.

There was water gushing from the light fixture, water trickling down the heating pipe, water dripping from the ceiling. And not just any old water. No, we’re talkin’ browny-yellowy-rusty-been-in-the-pipes-for-a-while water. I froze for a hot second, freaked out internally, then yelled for Nick to come witness the carnage. We grabbed bowls and towels and tried our best, but meanwhile water started dripping in my room and in the hallway as well. Ryan called our trusty Super, who took his sweet time getting here. Back at the ranch, I ran upstairs to ask 2A if their tub or toilet were overflowing. After a long pause at the door (during which I assume she was wondering if this was all a big trick and I was actually a murderer), she opened the door and calmly assured me that she had used the tub earlier, but nothing was running now. So, not wanting to shove my way into her apartment, and hoping that there wasn’t something lost in translation, I trusted the teeny-tiny lady in the apron who seemed to just want me to go away.

I came back, we emptied bowl after bowl of water, and a little later the leaking slowed a bit. By this time, our Super showed up, and let us know that the nice little lady in 2A had, in fact, left her tub running after she began to fill it to clean the bathroom. Mentirosa!!! Dude, I mean, at least tell me the truth after you ruin my beautiful paint job… (And by the way, could you please tell your children to quit screaming and running back and forth all day long? Gets a little loud down here.)

Never a dull moment here in 1A! Good thing I’m in the Christmas spirit, or this could have really put a damper on my day. 🙂

**Update! The mentirosa in 2A knocked on our door and apologized during today’s aftermath. Just sayin’.

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