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the fire escape

So here’s a fun story (and by fun, I mean awful).  When I take photos in my apartment for all of those DIY projects I do, I usually have to take them on the fire escape because it is literally the only place where there’s any decent natural light (the joys of an airshaft-facing apartment).  So no problem.  Here’s where I do all my DIY-ing:

A little crazy, I know, but we have to do what we have to do.  And most of the time, it works.  But you know when it doesn’t work?  When you go out onto the fire escape in the winter with no coat and no keys to your apartment and you let the door close behind you.  That’s when it gets a little tricky.

Okay, here’s what happened.  I went out with my camera to take some photos.  I thought I left the door ajar.  I didn’t.  It was cold and kind of drizzly, but I had shoes on, so I started walking down the stairs (I’m sure my mom is wishing she never saw this post).

I made it to the bottom, and then realized that not only did I not have my keys, but I also had no phone and no money.  So I tried collect-calling Mr. Lovely.  It didn’t work enough for me to get through, but it worked enough for him to know something was up.  So I walked into the diner next door and begged them to let me use the phone, which they did.  I called Mr. Lovely and missed him, but thanks to the wonders of Caller I.D. he called the diner right back and I asked (cried) him for some assistance (please please please do something to help me).

I went back outside to wait by the pay phone in case he needed to call back, because I had figured that the folks at the diner were kind of over the homeless-looking girl running up their phone bill.  So somehow Mr. Lovely got a hold of our Super, who happened to magically be around the corner, who showed up right at the moment when it really started to rain.

So Super Nick walked me back into our building and gave me keys to get into the apartment, and I have never, ever, ever gone out on the fire escape without keys, money, or phone ever again.  xoxo

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