the creative life

I have to be honest.  I’ve been getting a little more real here on the ol’ blog, and it feels good.  It feels so freeing to let you guys really know that there’s so much more to me than the DIY scene and the pretty photos.  Because in the grand scheme of things, that’s all very recent in my life!  Forever, my life was music and theatre.  And it still is.  The blogging situation is still very new and I’m in the process of figuring out how it meshes with all of those other things that make me up.

What I think I’m realizing, though, is that it does mesh with all of those other things.  Because the bottom line is that they’re all just varying forms of creativity.  I think that I knew from a very young age that my life would need to center on being creative on a daily basis in some way.  It feels so good to work on something, whether it’s a song or a painting or a play, and at the end of the work, see that there’s something in the world that didn’t used to exist.  That’s crazy, right?!?  To make things.  I love that.

So while my life (and my blog, and my music, and my everything) is a work in progress, it’s nice to know that it’s heading in a direction that feeds me and hopefully inspires other people as well.  And I especially love the sense of freedom and excitement a creative life brings; inspiration can strike any second, and who knows where you’ll be after that?  So for me, the creative life is perfect.  I’m a maker and a doer, and so a life that’s a “work in progress” is just fine by me.  xoxo

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