the counter burger bar

My good friend Amy and I met for lunch the other day, and she introduced me to a new place:  The CounterThe Counter is a burger joint where you can get your meal super-customized.  You sit and mark off on a little sheet of paper what kind of bun, patty, sauces, toppings, and extras you’d like, hand your sheet to a server, and POOF!  A perfectly delicious custom burger appears before you in a few minutes.

You all know that I’m picky about my burgers, but these definitely did not disappoint.  I chose a turkey burger with sauteed onions, sprouts, and garlic aioli.  Amy got a little crazy and put a fried egg on hers.  There are a zillion combinations, and if I were you, I’d get myself to a Counter immediately and start trying them out!  xoxo

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