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Ten Things: Scary Stuff


I asked Mr. Lovely what this week’s list should be about, and he said (and I quote), “Ten things that scare the bajeezus out of you.” And what with it being almost Halloween and all, I high-fived him for his good idea. So here we go.

1. Sharks. I think I’ve said it before, but my mom’s favorite movie is Jaws. We watched that thing so often it’s ingrained in my memory forever. And I’m pretty sure it’s why I think any time I’m in the ocean a giant shark is stalking me and planning my demise.

2. The dark. Yeah, yeah, I’m a wuss. But it’s only the dark outside at night. In rural areas. Like cornfields. Shudder.

3. People I love dying. (Heavy.)

4. Airplane turbulence. Let’s not talk about it.

5. Being inside a lit house at night with no curtains on the windows. I mean, come on! People are definitely outside watching you. It’s creepy.

6. Bugs that move really fast.

7. Being a passenger in a car when the driver is tailgating. I know it sounds weird, but it’s a thing.

8. Any horror movie. Ever.

9. Trying as hard as I can and failing.

10. People popping out and scaring me. Uggghhhh I just scream as loud as I can in the hopes of deafening and confusing them so I can run the other way.

What scares the pants off of you? I’d love to know if it’s the usual or something really off-the-wall. Leave a comment! And have a fab weekend. xoxo

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30 thoughts on “Ten Things: Scary Stuff

  1. I totally agree with you on a lot of these! Like riding in a car with a bad driver! That gives me so much anxiety.

    I’m also really claustrophobic, I unzip the sides of sleeping bags so I have more room and don’t feel trapped.

  2. We have many fears in common. The dark, sharks, see the people I love die, the house with the lights on, bad drivers, horror movies.
    In my list, I would add the heights, spiders, spirits and crowds.

  3. I get anxiety with drivers too but I’ve tried to learn to just not pay attention to it but people jumping out at you? COME ON! I have had to warn past boyfriends that if they do this to me they will likely get punched somewhere sensitive since my first reaction is to hurt whoever it is. lol

      1. lolol I never commented before but could miss this one!! I’m now guessing that there are types of ‘scared people’..and we’re in the same ‘category’. My biggest fear is “being inside a lit house at night with no curtains on the windows!!!” People are definitely outside watching!!! It’s creepy and all I can think about now are faces.. faces on the other side of windows… And it’s dark!!
        Also, people popping out and scaring me, coming from the dark???? It’s the worse thing ever (and the most hilarious thing from my boyfriend’s perspective). Anyway… thanks for sharing! It’s so good to know that I’m not the only one with these exact same fears!!

  4. Sharks, scary movies, and the feeling of ‘being watched’ are all at the top of my list. But number one on the scary list would have to be something happening to a family member, especially my husband or dog. I think about it way too much. I’m a worrier for sure.

  5. BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Black shiny scary bugs with a million legs. That scene in Indiana Jones? I am in.side.the.sofa. In real life? Crying.
    Also being in the house alone. Every noise is an axe murderer.

  6. Totally get all the dark/being alone-related fears. I could never live in a huge house, because who is hiding in all those rooms?!
    One fear nobody reading this has probably heard before…snails. Snails just creep me out SO MUCH.

  7. #5 is so me! sometimes even in the daylight with no curtains creeps me out.

    and #6 made me crack up!

    drivers that tailgate…definitely…and drivers that don’t use turn signals or look before they turn! i really just don’t like riding with other people…that may be more of a trust issue:)

  8. OMG NUMBER FIVE. YES. I am so glad I am not alone on this. It seriously freaks me out SO MUCH even though I live in the middle of nowhere and the feelings of someone watching me are TOTALLY in my head…IT’S REAL OK.

  9. bees. I’m not even allergic, but I get that irrational panicky can’t-control-myself scared whenever one approaches me. why??

    1. Oooh, good one! And seriously, I think I’ve only ever been stung by a bee once in my life, so the odds aren’t event that great that they’ll sting ya. But I get that way too!

  10. All my friends make fun of me for it, but one of my fears is giant walking totem poles…. I know it’s totally irrational, but if you really think about it it sounds absolutely terrifying!

  11. Oh, the time that Gretchen and I hid in your room and scared the poop out of you is a memory I will never forget. I still feel a twinge of guilt!

  12. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…. are we the same person? Haha. Number 7 isn’t weird at all… it gives me serious anxiety when people do that, and all I can think is that we’re going to end up rear ending the person in front of us. It bothers me a lot! Also, airplane turbulence. Amen.

  13. Being buried alive. I’m not even really claustrophobic, but the idea of it just makes me shudder. Also- snakes. Totally terrified of snakes.

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