Ten Things: Words That Gross Me Out


Going big or going home on our second installment of Ten Things. Let’s just get this right out in the open, right here, right now. Here’s a list of ten words that gross me out so much I avoid saying them at all costs. And I absolutely have to know your words, too. Let’s have a gross word comment extravaganza! xoxo



31 thoughts on “Ten Things: Words That Gross Me Out”

  1. Love the notepad and your handwriting! The word I hate is “velcro” as the sound of velcro to me is horrible and when you say it, it just reminds me

  2. Can I add the word that nobody else has the gumption to write? and is notoriously awful? Starts with a P and ends with a Y….


    What did you think I was going to say????

  3. I get such a kick out of you being grossed out by the word doily! Aren’t you part Portuguese? There was always doilies around my Avo’s house.

    But I’m with the other girls… moist. Gross!

  4. HiiiiiiiiiiLARIOUS! Here’s mine (yuck, gathering all my strength just to type it): pimple. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ick.

  5. “Panties” is pretty terrible, but even worse is just the singular: “Panty.” I’d rather sound immature and unsexy and just say “undies” that talk about “panties!”

  6. Totally on board with this list!! I’d add moist (obviously) and bifocal to it though….makes me cringe…bifocal. Ew. 🙂

  7. Just discovered your blog ( my new addiction for gold spraypaint brought me here), it’s lovely, indeed! 🙂 I didn’t read your about, just guessing you have no kids cause in that case wean, membrane and mucus would totally be part of your vocabulary. Yep 🙂

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