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Ten Things: Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovahs! Are you guys into it? Are you, like, running around town throwing hearts at strangers and skipping and singing love songs? Or are you wearing black today in defiance against the greeting card companies for inventing a holiday? I’m always a little trepidatious on Valentine’s Day because I come across so many people who really dislike it. It kind of boggles my mind because I don’t take a staunch position against any holiday; I’ll celebrate just about anything. (And I especially love celebrating love.) But I do get it. Valentine’s Day is kind of a made-up holiday, and if you find yourself without a Valentine it can be a bummer. Although I did do a little research and found out that the holiday is said to have originally honored Saint Valentinus, who was tossed into prison when he performed marriage ceremonies for young soldiers to their lady loves, which was against the law. So there’s something, I guess.

Yadda  yadda, let’s get this post back on track! I decided that because we may have two camps on the whole Valentine’s Day issue, I’m splitting up today’s Ten Things. So now, without further ado, here we go.

Valentine’s Day Thumbs Downs

1. The restaurants that are booked months in advance.
2. Those icky teddy bears that you buy at the drug store when you forget a present for someone.
3. When people pronounce it “Valentime’s Day.”
4. Chocolate everywhere, which would be fine if I wanted to gain 10 pounds.
5. The really ugly jewelry that men think they have to buy from “fine” jewelry stores because of those awful commercials.

Valentine’s Day Thumbs Ups

6. Little kids writing Valentines to their classmates.
7. A reminder to communicate love to the people most important to you.
8. Cupid and that whole deal. A tiny chubby angel baby making people fall in love? Adorable.
9. Seeing couples out celebrating who are clearly enjoying being together.
10. Any excuse to get fresh flowers.

I would love to know where you stand on this whole V-Day thing! Leave a comment with your favorite or least favorite thing about Valentine’s Day, and have a great weekend! xoxo

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23 thoughts on “Ten Things: Valentine’s Day

  1. I did a post yesterday about the same thing..I’m from the dislike-Vday group of people! We’ve been talking about today for like a month now..When enough is enough?

  2. I’m kind of ambivalent about the whole day. I think people go way over board sometimes. But I do think it’s a day to celebrate ALL kinds of love – friendly, romantic, pets, and self-love. 🙂

  3. ‘Love’ this post 🙂 Valentine’s Day gets a definite thumbs up from me… it’s also my Wedding Anniversary!

    The Vino Years

  4. I’m also ambivalent about Valentine’s Day. It stinks when you’re alone, and people do put too much emphasis on it. That being said, I love holidays and any excuse to be festive!

  5. Thumbs up – my mom sending me cool old Valentines! She sent a 1980 Superman and Super Woman AND some from the 40s that were my aunt’s.

    Thumbs down – roses! They’re not in season! I was really happy to see tons of Valentines tulip bunches at whole foods yesterday.

  6. I do agree that Valentine’s day is a pretty dumb holiday, but I still just love it! I love all of the DIYs, making valentines for my family and friends, the chocolate (how can I lie?), and I love incorporating all of those together. I think it’s just one of those things that you can’t take too seriously, you just have to have fun with it! Happy V-day Everyone!

  7. I’m kind of in between on Valentine’s Day. I love creating DIYs for it (I mean who doesn’t like coming up with heart-centric projects), but I don’t tend to celebrate on that day with a big to-do with Jeff or anything. Usually, we just do something simple.

    But anyway, I hope you and Ryan have a great weekend Chels!

  8. I don’t like it because it feels like an obligation – either you’re pressured to do something stereotypically “romantic” if you’re in a relationship, or you’re assumed to be bitter and jealous and need comfort if you’re single. People should celebrate their love if they want, but I don’t like the insistence that I need to do something on this arbitrary over-commercialized day. That being said – I will use any excuse to eat candy.

  9. I LOVE IT! I LUURRRRRRVE Valentime’s Day!!!!
    I get so pumped at Target when the hearts and pink glitter and polka dots and all that crap comes out plus it’s like the stationery SUPERBOWL. The best cards are out and everything is PINK!!!!!
    I’m excited. Having a pretty awesome husband helps my disposition. I’m definitely a “Charlotte” when it comes to Valentine’s Day 😉

  10. I’m in the thumb downs camp, I did a post today addressing it. It is a bit too commercial for my tastes. My husband and I do special things a lot so I don’t feel we need an assigned day. With that said I loved picking out and giving cards in class as a child.

  11. I agree with Mariah that it can be too commercial- because it is. But so is every holiday, you know? Retail stores are just exercising their business and marketing skills because that’s what they do to survive. Who can blame them?

    On a different note- it bugs me when people become bitter about Valentine’s day and say “People should love EVERY day and not just on Valentines day.” For one- that’s a huge exaggeration. Nobody ONLY expresses love on Valentine’s day. And two- who cares? That’s what holidays are- they are a day set aside as a reminder to remember and cherish certain things and events.

    So- thumbs down: feeling bitter toward others who choose to go all in and celebrate the holiday.

    Thumbs up: doing what you feel is right for yourself and your loved ones on Valentine’s day.

  12. My least favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? First dates, yikes. It’s a weird thing to dislike, but I feel like it’s so awkward! Expectations are too high, there are a billion couples around you, all of that. I think V-day is for relationships, not first dates! But that’s just me.

    But, I love crafts and DIYs for Valentine’s Day! Hearts are my favorite!

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