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It’s bonus day, dudes. I’m serving up not one, but two Ten Things lists today. Hauling ourselves all over creation for the last couple of weeks has really got me thinking about travel and what it all means. Why do we travel, are there more noble reasons for traveling than others, how to be good at it, and on and on. So today, two lists: what I love about traveling and what I loathe about traveling. Let’s do it.

Ten Things I Love about Traveling

Experiencing a new culture.
Being out of my comfort zone.
Trying and learning bits of a new language.
Observing locals doing everyday things.
Seeing sights I’ve only ever seen in photos.
Finding things that are off the beaten path.
The reality check it provides – the world is more than just you and where you live.
Meeting people who are kind to travelers.
Trying something new and loving it.
Taking tons of photos.

Ten Things I Don’t Love about Traveling

The language barrier, when it presents a problem.
Taking a chance on a new food when it ends up being gross.
Sometimes feeling like I’m imposing myself on another culture.
Hauling luggage.
Jet lag.
The whole money exchange thing.
Lack of cell phone abroad.
Looking like a tourist.
Getting lost.

What about you? What do you love about a new place, and what always bums you out? I’d love to know. xoxo

6 thoughts on “Ten Things: Travel”

  1. Husband and I love going to new cities and seeing how long it is before we own the place. Know the public transport, having “places” we like and know our way around without a map. It took 2 trips to San Fran and no time at all in DC.

    Things I hate: getting lost big time especially when you’re hungry!! Hungry leads to HANGRY and then we fight and it’s not cute.

  2. Hmmm- excellent question. I’ll have to give it some thought, but I must say that your list pretty well captures my feelings!

  3. I love finding off the beaten path places in foreign cities, in addition to hitting the hot spots, or touristy areas. I love those hidden gems!

  4. i relate to a lot of those things you mentioned. i really don’t like how most people speak english wherever you go. i did rosetta stone for italian and tried to use it, but the italians would just respond in english. i also love new places i visit and how it makes me see things with awe and wonder.. maybe because everything is shiny and new. But it makes me sad to think that I treat where I live everyday as ordinary and mundane. I love this quote and hope to live it out one day. “Discovery consists not of seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes” – M. Proust

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