Ten Things: Thankful


Here we are, guys. I love the opportunity to be grateful, so let’s be. I could fill a book with the things I’m thankful for, but here are ten that particularly make me shake my head and wonder how I got to be so blessed.

1. Mr. Lovely. And his complete and total understanding, grace, kindness, and love towards me. And his joy for life.
2. My family.
3. The opportunity to be carving my own path.
4. Knowing who I am.
5. Music.
6. The things I take for granted, like ample food, shelter, and safety.
7. Babies.
8. Friends of all kinds.
9. Travel and the ability to see the world.
10. You all, Lovely Indeed, and the world that has been opened up to me since I began this adventure.

I’m wishing you all the very best Thanksgiving, and hoping it’s filled with your favorite things. Please feel free to leave a few things that make you feel thankful in the comments. I’d love to read them over the next couple of days. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Ten Things: Thankful”

  1. What a nice post!

    I’m thankful for my love, which seems very similar to yours. He is so understanding and gracefull and every day full of joy that I’m really happy to have him on my side.
    I’m thankful for all of my friends, even if I can’t see them a lot at the moment but this will change next year.
    I’m thankful for the internet and the chance to meet people like you. People (you!) are so inspiering!
    I’m thankful for my dreamy mind. The ability to dream is wonderful and so creativ. Hopefuly can make something with that one day…

    I wish you a wonderful weekend!

    Greets from SWitzerland!

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