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Ten Things: Stuff I Really Don’t Like to Do


You know those things that you just can’t stand doing? Can’t stand them so very much, in fact, that you avoid them like the plague and they go undone. Like for a really long time? Yeah, those.

I’m not a procrastinator. And I really can’t stand having things on my to-do list that stay there forever. But there are just some of thoseย things, ya know? Those things that I just don’t wanna do. Do I do them anyway? Yes. Do I like it. Not on your life.


emptying the recycling
cleaning leftovers out of the fridge
backing up my hard drive
gluing broken things together
refilling prescriptions
entering receipts into my bookkeeping software
returning business calls
grocery shopping
washing the shower door

So what are yours? It’s funny — I bet lots of folks wouldn’t even think twice about some of the stuff on my list, and vice versa. What are the things that you cannotย stand do to? xoxo

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24 thoughts on “Ten Things: Stuff I Really Don’t Like to Do

  1. I have a solution for you for the hard drive back up! I have you ever heard of a time capsule? It’s a wireless hard drive by Mac that automatically connects to your computer and backs up its contents wirelessly, a few times a week, without every making you do it or remember to do it! It also functions as a wireless router, so BONUS. Also, like most Apple products, it’s pretty, so you don’t mind leaving it out.

    I actually LOVE grocery shopping, but I hate returning business calls as well – and cleaning the bathroom.

    1. Good call! I have a Time Machine external hard drive but part of what’s so annoying is that you have to plug it in! The wireless thing would be so rad.

      1. Have you ever tried Crashplan? You don’t even have to plug anything in. I have it and love it! Email me – I think I have a card with a free year on it around the house somewhere!

  2. Ugh I hate refilling prescriptions. Which reminds me, I have yet to pick one up that I filled two weeks ago!

  3. 1. Sweeping the kitchen
    2. Cleaning the tub
    3. Vacuuming

    I’m sure there are more – but those are the top 3 this week. I totally agree with some of yours, too. Man… my top 3 make me feel whiney. Hahaha.

  4. Number 1, 2, and 3 are the same for me! Absolutely hate taking out the recycling! Add on to that:
    – Putting away laundry
    – Washing my hair (ya this gets a little odd!)
    – Gossiping. It happens and I immediately hate that it happened!
    – Flossing
    – Cleaning make-up brushes
    – Squats lol

  5. Ooo good list. I’d probably add folding laundry, cleaning paint brushes (i always let the paint dry on them. Dumb!) and blow drying my hair. I hate the sound of the hair dryer! Oh, and I also very much dislike going to bed without eating dessert first (every day should end with something sweet!). ๐Ÿ˜‰ Judge as you please!

    1. I totally hate drying my hair too! Makes me feel better knowing its not just me. I think if the result looked like people I see on tv I wouldn’t mind it so much…alas…

  6. doing my tax return. makes me mad to even think about it…
    i have not done the last two years yet. and won’t start until they send me a reminder/warning ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I love how you’ve just written ..”confrontation”…made me laugh – me too! I’m not a fan of cleaning the kitty litter and putting the sheets back on the bed….arggggh!

  8. I agree with all except leftovers– I love cleaning out the fridge! But actually cleaning the fridge is not a fun task…

  9. This is awesome! I would say doing the laundry and cleaning out the food catcher in the kitchen sink. Eeew. Oh, and cleaning the shower of all my hair that falls out. Did I mention I’m going bald? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. Cleaning the shower
    putting away laundry. Don’t mind doing it or even folding! But I HAAAAAAATE putting it away.

Join Our Newest Mini-Series, Totally Free!

Feel Good Guide

5 Days to a Purposeful + Joyful New Year

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