Ten Things: Stuff I Love to Do


After last week’s bummer of a list, I thought we should do the polar opposite and talk about things that I love to do! I know you have some of these things — the stuff that you just can’t wait for, for one reason or another. Some of mine are really mundane but they truly just make me so happy. These are the types of things that originally started me off making lists. (Here’s one from waaaay back — my first list post from my old blog in 2008, before there was Lovely Indeed. Reading this post kind of sent me on a time travel journey to the past! I didn’t mind it.)

So here are my ten simple things. They’re not big, but they fill up my heart. What are some of yours? xoxo



15 thoughts on “Ten Things: Stuff I Love to Do”

  1. Sometimes when I need a break from the hustle and bustle of life (this happens often) I ask my husband to watch our baby and I go to Target to “wander”. I use quotations only because I almost always drop at LEAST $50 when I go. Oh Target. My mistress.

  2. There is something glorious about writing with a really nice pen.
    Making lists is something I love doing, I find it relaxing to get everything out of my head. Rewriting said lists so they’re neater is also nice…hm, does that make me sound crazy? 😉
    Also, daydreaming about travel or story ideas, not really something to put on a do-to list, but lovely just the same.

  3. Everyone loves to wander in Target! I think the key for me is “without my Husband.” As much as I love him and we do everything together, sometimes it’s nice to not have someone following you around going “What else do we need.”
    When will they learn Target is not about NEED.

  4. Hi. I just wanted to say that I also like to wander in Target, my man always makes fun of me…thanks goodness I am not the only one. 🙂 I also enjoy most of the things you have on your list! Very lovely! thanks xx

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